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Full Moon 12oz Candle - Snow Moon in Virgo - February 27, 2021


Once a month, there will be a new Full Moon candle released. The crystals within are charged in each of the respective full moons. When the candles are burned, the power of that moon will be ignited. 

Size - 12oz

Scent - Cedar Leaf, Musk & Patchouli

Crystal - Chrysoprase activates the heart chakra, promotes hope, balances the yin-yang and brings universal energy into the physical body. 

”Snow Moon” - Occurring February 27, 2021 - The full Moon in Virgo is a powerful time to cleanse and purify your life. It is time to release unhealthy habits, old routines and that nagging negative voice inside! It’s time to get back to who you are at the core. Embrace what fulfills your soul and brings joy to your life!

Candles will start shipping approximately 1 week after the full moon has occurred.