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About Us

About One Eleven Candles 

One Eleven Candles is a candle company based in Pickerington, Ohio. It is our mission to bring our customers quality, delicious smelling candles, that also have a higher purpose. We specialize in a unique style of candle, which marries a one-of-a-kind blend of oils with crystals. Each candle was formulated to attract specific energies and intentions.

Why “One Eleven”?

In numerology, 111 represents spiritual awakening, enlightenment, inspiration, intuition and self-expression. It is also an Angel Number; that when seen, represents a message from your angels, telling you to be aware of your persistent thoughts and ideas, as these are manifesting quickly into your reality.

My best friend and I, text each other whenever we see repeating numbers such as “111” “222”, “1111”, “777”, etc. Then we debrief on what the numbers mean and the message the Universe is trying to send us. When thinking of a company name. it was her who suggested “One Eleven.” Which was the perfect fit, since the candles were meant to have a greater purpose.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting our site and experiencing candles with a higher purpose. We would not be the company we are without your support!

We hope that you love the smell of your candles and continue to utilize the power of the crystals within!