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Sun's Eye

Coco Rose - Essential Oil


Coco Rose Oil, featuring Rose Petals, is a sweet and fluent blend of Coconut and Rose.

Essential oils are the perfect natural substitute for perfume.

Sun’s Eye oils can be used to scent your home, car, or body.

Additional Information

Although our oils are body grade, they are highly concentrated and should be diluted with a carrier oil such as Jojoba or Grapeseed oil for body use. Sun’s Eye oils are highly concentrated blends of essential and fragrance oils, which are synthesized from a wide variety of ingredients.  Our oils are petroleum-free, paraben-free, DBP and DEHP-free, as well as vegan—meaning no animal products or testing.

External use only.  Do not ingest.  Keep away from children and finished surfaces.

Our formulas are based on traditional and time-honored associations which are mindfully crafted with intention in mind.  Our products are tools to remind the user of their intention.  No guarantee of results is implied.