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Unicorn Kisses - Crystal Soy Candle


7oz Candle

Unicorn Kisses is a hand-poured soy candle, which contains a unique blend of oils and rainbow hematite crystals. Hematite is a stone that grounds and protects. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making one feel safe and secure. Hematite also harmonizes the mind, body and spirit.

Unicorn Kisses smells like a slice of birthday cake! The scent is a sweet buttery bouquet of coconut shavings and sugared berries.

Before Lighting Your Candle

When lighting your candle, first, focus your energy. Go to a quiet place and take time to think about what the oils and crystals were created to do.

Next, set your intention. Now that you are focused on the purpose of the candle, think how you will specifically use it. If lighting the Soul Enchanted candle, think about the the love in your life and love you want to attract. Or if Good Vibes, think about what prosperity means to you. Does that mean success in business? Increase in material wealth? Or overall happiness? Now that you know how the candle will be used, specific to your life; you are ready to light a candle with purpose!

Once the wax of your candle reaches 1/4 inch, the crystals inside can be retrieved and continued to be used. The crystals can then be cleansed and the energy refocused for your personal intentions. For more information on using your crystals, see “crystal care.” WARNING: Do not attempt to retrieve crystals prior to wax reaching 1/4 inch . Do not reach into the hot wax!