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Full Moon 12 oz Candle - Beaver Moon - November 30, 2020


Once a month, there will be a new Full Moon candle released. The crystals within are charged in each of the respective full moons. When the candles are burned, the power of that moon will be ignited. Candles will start shipping approximately 1 week after the full moon has occurred.

Size - 12oz

Crystal - Red Goldstone - Said to be the stone of confidence and ambition. It encourages personal development, positive energy and magnetizes abundance. It gives courage during weak and uncertain times. See the sparkles as the light that can be found in darkness.

Scent - Cherry, Raspberry &  Tobacco Oils

Astrological Sign - Gemini

”Beaver Moon” - Occurring November 30, 2020 - Full Moon in the sign of Gemini - The Beaver Moon is associated with celebration and gratitude. It is a wonderful time to acknowledge all the things you have manifested and give thanks for all that's in your life.

There is also a lunar eclipse occurring during the full moon. Lunar eclipses are known to bring about unexpected changes - things that need to happen and once they do, it is for the better. Since the moon will be in the sign of Gemini, communication is key.