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One Eleven Candles

Full Moon 12 oz Candle - Sturgeon Moon - August 22, 2021


Once a month, there will be a new Full Moon candle released. The crystals within are charged in each of the respective full moons. When the candles are burned, the power of that moon will be ignited. Candles will start shipping approximately 1 week after the full moon has occurred.

Size - 14oz

Crystal - Pyrite - Pyrite is a stone of new beginnings. It brings growth, transformation & fresh starts. It is known to bring luck and wealth to all who use it. Pyrite also has powerful protective properties.

Scent - Apple & Cinnamon Oils

Astrological Sign - Aquarius

”Sturgeon Moon” - Occurring August 22, 2021 - Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius - This is the second full moon occurring within Leo Season this year, which is quit unusual. The first full moon in Aquarius happened on July 23rd, during which we started to see a glimmer of new opportunities coming to light as a result of our past efforts and intentions. Now, with the second Aquarius full moon of 2021, we can expect to put into motion what the last full moon revealed to us. This is also a beneficial time for new relationships, elevating contracts, or creating long-term agreements.

Aquarians are associated with the 11th house of the Zodiac, which is often referred to as the house of friends and wishes. This association, combined with Aquarians’ openness to many worlds and possibilities, gives our full moon a hopeful quality. What’s more hopeful, after all, than leaning into limitless possibilities?